11 safety tips every woman should know

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Whether you're walking down the street, ordering food from home, or getting in your car, a stranger can quickly become too friendly. Of course, not everyone has bad intentions, but it is important to know what to do when your gut tells you that something is wrong.

Sometimes it is better to lie or verify the identity of the person for added security.

Some tips to help you keep a cool head when you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

1. Suppose you live near a shopping center

Just because someone is sharing personal information with you does not mean you should do the same. If you are in a situation where you do not want to say where you live, you can answer that you live near a place where there are many stores, such as a shopping center for example, a hotel chain or a service station, since there are probably several in area. You can choose the location that suits you best.

2. Let is say your car is for rent

If someone approaches you and seems interested in your car, they may want to extract private information from you. It may ask you if the car is yours, which could mean that it plans to follow it in the future because of its license plate, color and type of your car. You can answer that it is a rental car. That way, they probably do not care about the cars features and will leave you alone.

3. Tell the technician that you live with other people

If you find that the man who came to repair his house asks too many private questions, you can pretend you do not live alone. Tell him that you are not alone in the house or that you are waiting for people who should be arriving soon. That way, he knows you will be with people if he tries to come back later.

Also, do not forget that you can always verify his identity and call the company he works for to confirm it.

4. Always say that you are with friends or that you are waiting for them

This is a very versatile and useful answer when you feel more secure in a group. For example, if you are sitting alone in a public space, pretend that you are waiting for your friends. If you are traveling alone, you can tell that your friends are in the back or front of the bus, train, or plane.

Even when you take a taxi, you can say that you are on your way to meet friends or family if you think it is necessary. This will let the driver know what to expect.

5. Cover your professional or school identity card in public transport

It may be a good idea not to leave your ID card visible on public transport, as it contains a lot of information. Anyone can easily know your name, place of work or school with just your ID card. Take it off completely or hide it under your clothes.

6. Use your car alarm as a personal alarm

This can be a useful trick to get attention if necessary. If, for example, you are in a dark, empty parking lot and someone is loitering in your car, you can manually activate the alarm with your keys. The screeching is very likely to make the person jump.

7. Stand between the elevator control panel and the door

This will give you the power to easily get out of the elevator if you feel uncomfortable. If someone with whom you do not want to share the elevator enters, you can press the button to exit the elevator to the next floor, so you do not end up in an awkward situation.

8. Hang bells on your hotel door handle

When staying in places like a hotel, you can hang a security alarm on the inside of your door, on the handle. If you do not have one handy, you can use another item to alert you, such as a bell or ironing board. These elements will warn you if someone is opening the door, thanks to the noise they generate.

9. Indicate the name of a man when ordering food at home

When strangers appear in your house, be it a food delivery man, a plumber, etc. When ordering food to be delivered to your door, always give a masculine name so that the delivery man thinks a man lives there.

10. Lie about your work hours

If you feel that someone is overly curious about your work schedule, tell them that you do not have a set schedule. For example, someone might ask you what time you work or even where you work. You can answer that your hours change constantly or that you do not have a fixed office. This means they will not know when or where to find you.

11. Pretend you do not speak the language

There are many ways to respond to street harassment. Sometimes the easiest way is to not respond at all, to look confused, as if you do not understand a word the other person is saying. Just shrug your shoulders and say a sentence or two in another language.

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