18 tips to give your child before he is an adult

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Yesterday again, your little one turned to you to ask many questions and he drank your words with wide eyes; and he today he has his own opinion of him on everything.

They are both happy to see him grow up and upset at how fast it is happening. Also, you often wonder: did I manage to convey all the important things to him, teach him everything, is he ready for adulthood?

There are some things that you should definitely discuss with a teenager.

1. Be able to admit your mistakes

We all make mistakes - at school, at work, and in personal life. If you admit that you are wrong, many will want to help you fix it. If, on the other hand, you persist in your mistake and wait for it to be proven that you are right, you will only make the situation worse.

2. Do not let others choose for you

It is okay to pay for your own mistakes and draw relative conclusions; But it is a shame to pay for the decisions that others have made for you. Even if this choice did not lead to disaster, how will you know what would have happened if you had acted according to your will?

3. Learn to say no

It is okay to say no if there is something wrong with your plans or if it makes you uncomfortable. Trying to please everyone will not make you a good person, but it will make you miserable.

4. Get rid of stereotypes

Do not give up what you love just because someone says that boys or girls do not behave that way. Among the Vikings, men wove socks, and that did not stop them from being tough guys. In an era when the fight for womens rights was just beginning, Countess Ada Lovelace, daughter of the poet J.G. Byron, became a pioneer in computing.

5. Do not be ashamed to ask for help

Everyone feels vulnerable or helpless at times. There are tasks that are beyond the capacity of one person, but that are easy to solve together. Learn to ask for help, if only to be available to those who count on you when the time comes.

6. Be really brave

It takes much more courage to publicly refuse to take risks by following others than to do 'like everyone else.'

7. Do not be in a rush to call someone a 'friend'

There are good acquaintances, friends, old neighbors, classmates. Not all the people you have a good relationship with are your friends. Friendship is tested over time.

8. Do not be ashamed of everyday things

Talking to your doctor about your condition, even about private matters, is not only normal, but necessary. This principle also applies to choosing an acne remedy, tampons, or anything else that may seem inconvenient in a pharmacy or store. Indecent behavior can be embarrassing, but buying a laxative can not.

9. Keep learning

Do not say, 'This material will never be useful to me in my life.' No fortune teller will be able to do that. Remember, the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to face an unexpected situation.

10. Always put your family first

If your friends do not understand this and laugh at you, then you have different values and the nature of your relationships is worth questioning.

11. Discover what it means to be really strong

It is not clothing, muscles or the ability to handle pain that makes you strong, but your brain. It will tell you how to avoid a fight, it will allow you to form your own opinion, and it will also teach you not to react to stupid jokes.

12. Learn to do all the household chores yourself First, an adult should not depend on others for his daily needs. Second, the day will come when you will have to share responsibilities with a partner. Would not you like to blush because the basics are not mastered?

13. Do not start a relationship if you do not feel ready

Do not start dating just because you are 'lonely.' People are not plugs to fill the void, boys and girls are not prizes of the game. Chat, date, make friends and one day you are sure to find your soul mate.

14. Do not flaunt things that could embarrass you later

Never post comments or photos that make you feel uncomfortable in front of your parents. And it is not because your mom is upset, but because nothing is missing in the digital world without leaving a trace. It would be a shame if, in a few years, you did not get your dream job due to your youthful bravado.

15. If you feel that the relationship is not working, be honest enough to tell your partner

Do not beat around the bush, do not hide, hoping your partner will figure it out for himself. Do not torment the person into asking what happened and why. Go see her and talk face to face. It is despicable to cheat on the person with whom you have been close to her; it is dishonest to run away from her and think only of how to avoid an unpleasant conversation.

16. Choose the job you like

If you become an excellent specialist in your field, because you do your job with heart, respect and money will come.

17. Learn to manage your money, calculate your budget and save money

They say that money does not buy happiness, but it does. Provides stability and comfort for you and your family. Financial dependency is forgivable for children and the elderly, but not for adults.

18. Do not forget that you are responsible for the world around you.

'They do not pay me for this' is no excuse when it comes to their surroundings. You do not have to be a cleaner to pick up and throw away an empty bottle thrown in the street, or an electrician to replace a light bulb in the stairwell; life is made up of small actions, not insurmountable feats.

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