What will happen to your body if you start drinking carrot juice?

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When you think of juices, carrot juice probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Orange, apple, grape and pineapple juices are much more popular.

However, if you are not a fan of carrots in your meals, you can make delicious drinks with them and reap all the benefits! For example, it can help you get rid of a cold much faster!

1. It can increase your metabolism

The B vitamins in carrot juice help your body convert fat, protein, and carbohydrates into energy. There is also dietary fiber, which can help you manage your weight and prevent obesity.

2. It is good for your eyesight and eyes

Carrot juice contains vitamins A which are essential for the health of your eyes. This is important for color and low-light vision, and it also protects the surface of the eyes. It also limits your chances of getting certain eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration.

3. It can strengthen your immune system

Carrots contain carotenoids. It acts as a precursor to vitamin A, which can boost your immune system. This helps in particular in the development and distribution of T cells, which are the white blood cells that protect your body from infections. The vitamin C in carrots can also boost your immune system. And while that does not prevent you from catching a cold, it can help you get over it faster.

4. It can reduce the risk of getting cancer

Carrots contain nutrients that have antioxidant effects, which can therefore limit the risk of developing cancer. This means that they neutralize free radicals, which damage your cells, and are even harmful to your DNA. The dietary fiber in carrots can also prevent certain types of cancer.

5. It is good for the skin

Vitamins C, E and K, which are present in carrot juices, are very beneficial for the health of the skin. Vitamin C, in addition to being an antioxidant, can also boost the action of sunscreens. In addition, it has an anti-aging effect, as it helps to produce collagen, it heals damaged skin, and prevents wrinkles. Vitamin E can also protect your skin from the sun and treat inflammation. Vitamin K plays an important role in healing open wounds, so it can help heal faster.

6. It is very beneficial during pregnancy

When you are pregnant you need folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B and C. Raw carrot juice is an ideal source of all of these nutrients. For example, one cup will already provide you with about 10% of your recommended dose of calcium. In 100 grams, you will find about 10% of the recommended content of vitamin C.

7. It can improve the health of your brain

Beta-carotene can have a positive effect on your cognitive abilities because it has antioxidant properties. In particular, it can reduce oxidative stress in your body, which could ultimately harm your brain. This means that it can reduce the risk of cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimers disease as well as senile dementia.

8. It can protect your heart

Drinking carrot juice can promote cardiovascular health due to its antioxidant effect. Polyphenols, vitamins, minerals in fruit and vegetable juices help regulate blood pressure, and carrot juice can help regulate cholesterol levels.

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