Get acquainted with the Japanese language through manga

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The Japanese language is not the easiest to learn, especially due to its Kanji and Kana alphabets. While Japanese lessons can be the easiest way to learn the Japanese language, manga is also a good place to start. So here is how to study Japanese with Japanese comics.

Can you learn Japanese by reading manga?

The answer is yes, but learning Japanese cannot be done simply by reading manga. In fact, it is still necessary to take Japanese courses to obtain a beginner level in Japanese, to understand Kanjis, Hiraganas and Katakanas.

Mangaka works can be used as supports to better assimilate expressions, vocabulary and sentence construction. Therefore, Japanese manga is a good and fun way to study while having fun.

To start learning Japanese with a first Japanese manga, you must already have one. It is also possible to take Japanese courses through manga online on certain specialized sites or through textbooks.

Useful manga and anime to improve your level

There are various manga and anime that you can use to help you progress in Japanese while enjoying the adventures of Natsu, Astro, or Jojo.

The first thing you should do is select a manga according to 2 criteria: you must know a minimum of the manga to get an idea of the context; you should select a simple manga, intended for a young or even very young audience.

So give preference to Kodomo, a manga for children, like Doraemon or Pokémon, whose dialogues are simple enough to be studied. If your level is more important, in this case, you can resort to Fruits Basket, Slam Dunk, Fullmetal Alchemist or Attack on Titan.

Japanese anime (cartoons) are also a good way to retain language, pronunciation, and expressions. If your level is the lowest, start with a Kodomo, as you can be sure that the characters will speak clearly and slowly, which is great for learning.

If you have a higher level, you can call on Shonen, Shojo, and Seinen, but do not pounce on them right away, even if you really want to!

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