Here's how running can transform your body

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Running not only maintains your fitness, but it can also be a vector of longevity.

And if this is good news, this sport activity can also produce many changes and influence your whole body, from head to toe. Even your digestion can change.

1. Your nails may turn black

With every step you take while running, your toes hit the tip of your shoe. Shoes and socks that are too small can compress your toes. The same goes if your legs tend to swell. And all of this can cause a hematoma under the nail. The vessels burst, blood collects between the flesh and the nail, and the nail changes color.

2. You can shrink

When you run, the size and volume of your intervertebral discs decrease. This happens because of the loss of fluid and the compression, so you can shrink by 1 centimeter. Fortunately, this will only be temporary, as your height will return to normal afterwards.

3. Your hearing can be refined

Jogging increases your blood flow to the cochlea, and with that, the flow of nutrients and oxygen into your body. This slows down the hearing system and preserves capillaries, hair and hair cells, and the nerve cells that send sound signals to the brain.

4. You can have a runny nose

As you run, you breathe faster and deeper to inhale more air. In doing so, you breathe in more allergens, pollution and irritants present in the environment. It irritates your airways and it makes your nose run.

5. Your body temperature may rise

Muscles get their energy by burning fat and carbohydrates. As a result, heat is generated. As your muscles heat up, your blood also rises in temperature. Then the blood flow to the skin increases, and it is your perspiration that regulates your body temperature.

6. You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom

Running can release hormones in the stomach that increase contractions in the intestines. The contents of your stomach are then shaken and can change the mucous membrane. In addition, the reduced blood flow to the intestines leads to cramps and a need for relief.

7. You can be less hungry

Your appetite decreases due to hormonal changes caused by running. The hunger hormone, ghrelin, is limited, while the satiety hormone, peptide, increases. And that makes you less hungry.

8. You can be in a better mood

Running triggers the release of endorphins, which change your mood. You may even feel euphoric after the fact. Jogging can help release stress and reduce anxiety and depression. It can also make you more resistant to the problems you may encounter in your daily life.

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