Manga: The most iconic figures in Japanese comics

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Manga has become so popular in the world that now the actors of these Japanese stories pose as true ambassadors of Japanese culture internationally. Readers love them because they are heartwarming, funny, or totally badass. Here is a list of the most popular manga characters from around the world.

Seiya, the bronze knight of Athena

Like Son Goku or Pikachu, Seiya is one of the most recognizable characters in Japanese comics since he is the protagonist of a manga published by Shonen Jump and that arrived in France on the screens through the Dorothé Club: of course we are talking about The Knights of the Zodiac, in other words, Saint Seiya!

Seiya is a bronze knight in the service of the reincarnation of Athena and is associated with the constellation of Pegasus. With the other bronze knights, he fights the forces of Hades in the great millennial war between these gods.

Sasuke Uchiwa, a ninja tortured in Konoha

Now, Narutos name has become as well known as Son Goku or Ken. Indeed, this manga had a dazzling success in the years 2000 until 2014, the date of the end of its publication. Among the main characters in this ninja story, Sasuke is, along with his rival Naruto, the one that fans have preferred.

This sometimes downright nasty antihero is dark brown with incredible powers and whose goal is to avenge the death of his entire clan, caused by his own brother. To do this, he must associate with the wrong people and thus join the dark side.

Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler

You may not be familiar with Kuroshitsujis manga titled Black Butler yet, and yet its success is phenomenal. With its 28 volumes, it makes us discover the history of the Phantomhive house and its heir Ciel who signed a pact with the devil: Sebastian. The latter has become his butler and helps him in his plan to avenge his parents.

A very charismatic character, Sebastian is not lacking in humor, but he is also totally badass when it comes to fighting or setting the table.

Nami, the sailor of the Thousand Sunny

If Luffy is usually cited as the most popular character in One Piece, we must not forget that a good part of his crew is also part of the emblematic figures of the manga, such as Sanji or Chopper.

Nami is the navigator of the crew. With a bounty of 66 million on her head, this sexy pirate would not budge and she is one of the smartest of the bunch. This big-hearted thief dreams of mapping the entire world and she could get there alongside her captain.

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