Top 15 best sleeves of all time

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Anime-manga has been arguably the most popular cultural export from the Land of the Rising Sun, of all time. The universe and the culture of manga are very present in Japanese culture. The Japanese animation industry is huge, but it would not have existed without the manga industry in Japan. For the uninitiated, the manga is published weekly, biweekly, or monthly in magazines, usually in black and white ink. This keeps costs down and puts less creative pressure on manga artists, creators, and designers (also known as mangaka).

There are different types of manga or genres of Japanese manga. Among the best known, we find: shonen and seinen.

Almost all manga is first serialized in magazines, and when it becomes popular, it is printed as pocket comics, known as manga. Now lets see the 15 best manga.

15. GTO

Mangaka: Fujisawa, Tohru

Publisher: Shounen Magazine (weekly)

It is the inspired story of a punk and a criminal turned teacher. Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old young man, led a difficult life, until he became a teacher, hence his name: the great teacher Onizuka.

Many obstacles stand in his way, such as uncooperative classmates, an exhausted principal, his own past demons, and his general inability to teach. But he does not give up right away; he wants to be a great teacher and show it to everyone.


Mangaka: Tsukushi, Akihito

Publisher: Web Comic Gamma

This is a Japanese manga series around a great abyss, and the beginning is much more interesting than it sounds. The Abyss is a gigantic opening on Earth, and no one survives by going too far. But brave cave explorers are trying to map this place.

The city known as Orth is located near the Abyss, and a young woman named Riko meets a robot named Regu (who came from the bottom of the Abyss). Riko is sure that her mother is alive deep in the Abyss, so she decides to go there herself.


Mangaka: Nisio, Isin (Story), Vofan (Designer)

Publisher: Mephisto

This series is rich, it is about personal dramas, ghosts, monsters and psychological scars. Koyomi Araragi comes face to face with a vampire, and Koyoko is also reborn as a vampire.

He soon becomes involved with other monsters and supernatural beings, and all this time he is desperate to get humanity back from him and wash his hands of all this supernatural phenomenon. But It is easier to say it than do it.


Mangaka: Urasawa, Naoki

Publisher: Big Comic Spirits

Kenji Endo was a humble convenience store manager in the 1990s and he is sure his life will never change. But he learns of the recent suicide of a childhood friend, and soon realizes that he might be involved in a deadly cult led by a character named Friend.

In fact, Kenji believes that he and all of his friends are under attack and that only those friends can save the world from a certain fate. This manga explores the lives of these boys in the 1990s and 1960s to add narrative depth.


Mangaka: Jang, Sung-rak and Chugong

Publisher: Kakao

This manhwa (Korean comic) is based on Chugongs eponymous web novel series. This is a great pick for those who enjoy 'zero to hero' stories - weak protagonists are empowered with each mission they conquer. The characters are simple, their goals and motivations are easy to understand, and they are very endearing.

The only factor that sets this manhwa apart is its dexterity, which is one of the main reasons it ranks so high on MyAnimeList. His art is breathtakingly beautiful and immediately appeals to his readers.


Mangaka: Inoue, Takehiko

Publisher: Shounen Jump (weekly)

Sports anime has become very popular in the last five years, with Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basuke being two of its best known examples. However, one of the first sports anime about basketball, Slam Dunk, has its origin in its Japanese comics.

The story revolves around Sakuragi Hanamichi, who is a typical sports manga main character (that is, someone who is not interested in the game at first, but has a deep passion for it). It is a manga for beginners, so those who do not know anything about basketball can go with their eyes closed. The manga teaches everything there is to know about this sport. It is also peppered with enough drama, action, and humor to get you immersed all the way to the end.


Mangaka: Inoue, Kenki (story), Yoshioka, Kimitake (drawing)

Publisher: good! Afternoon

It is kind of a sports manga series, but forget about tennis, basketball, or even American football. This time it is all about swimming, and the creators have done a great job of making swimming really beautiful in black and white.

The main character is Iori Kitahara, who moves into her uncles (Grand Blue) dive shop. He is quickly drawn into a wild and fun world of drunken revelers, and while he joins in on the fun, he hopes to do something with himself too.


Mangaka: Hara, Yasuhisa

Publisher: Young Jump

Written by a Japanese mangaka, this story takes place in ancient China. This is the naive dream of young Shin, who wants nothing more than to become the greatest general in all of China. Unlike other shonen, Kingdom does not magically turn Shin into an OP character. His struggles, both physical and emotional, are extremely real and identifiable. The manga also focuses heavily on the internal and external political aspects of the various Chinese kingdoms involved, which is complemented by extremely detailed art.

As the story unfolds over several years, it also shows how many of its characters gradually grow and evolve into more mature human beings. It is a perfect read for shonen fans who are tired of the generic stories that flood the manga industry.


Mangaka: Asano, Inio

Publisher: Big Comic Spirits

Punpun is strange. It is not often to find innuendo of a nihilistic nature in a Japanese manga, where each character is morally disgusting to the point where it is impossible to love them for who they are. The story itself is tremendously disturbing as it deals with serious issues such as domestic violence, violence, suicide, and rape.

The plot revolves around the life of Punpun Onodera, 11, an innocent and idealistic girl, whose life changes when she meets Aiko Tanaka. We are witnessing the growth of Punpun and her growing disillusionment with her life and with everyone in it. Especially since she realizes that the people she once idolized were nothing more than extremely flawed human beings.


Mangaka: Inoue, Takehiko and Yoshikawa, Eiji

Publisher: Morning

This historic seinen has everything one could ask for: suspense, drama, action, lots of beautifully drawn fight scenes, and even emotional showdowns.

Vagabond follows the life of Japanese teenager Musashi Miyamoto, whose goal ranges from becoming Japans most famous swordsman to realizing the importance of choosing his own fights, as well as the value of bonding with others. Please note that this manga is not to everyones taste. There is a lot of gore in this series, and everything is drawn in great detail.


Mangaka: Oda, Eiichiro

Publisher: Shonen Jump (Weekly)

One Piece does not really need to be featured. It is the favorite childrens anime of millions of kids around the world, and that is because it follows a pretty simplistic story. Monkey D. Luffy is in search of One Piece, a great treasure that is buried in Grand Line Ocean.

As in almost all shonen adventure stories, our protagonist begins as a young fool who makes strange friends on his journey. Some stay, some leave, and like the anime, the manga is filled with filler chapters. Fun fact: One Piece is often classified alongside Bleach and Naruto as one of the Big Three Shonen, meaning the three most popular shonen series to ever exist.


Mangaka: Big Comic Original

Publisher: Young Animal

One word encompasses everything related to the Monster manga: 'brilliant.' This seinen is not a traditional manga, in fact it is quite the opposite. The story revolves around the moral and ethical dilemmas of Dr. Kenzou Tenma, who chooses to save the life of a child rather than that of the mayor. However, the people around him start to be killed and all fingers point to the boy.

Much of the mangas story is based on the characters and their interactions, as well as their monologues. While the art is mediocre at best, its captivating story, twists and turns, and thrills more than make up for its lack of aesthetics.


Mangaka: Arakawa, Hiromu

Publisher: Shonen Gangan

Somehow it is impossible not to know about the existence of the Fullmetal series. The anime was a hit, and its reboot was an even bigger hit. His enormous popularity continues to attract more and more fans to his manga. The manga follows the adventures of two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who are in search of the School of Wizards. They want this magic stone to grant them their deepest wish: that their dead mother come back to life.

The characters in the manga are colorful, the world building is well done, the humor is wacky, and there is enough excitement to keep readers enthralled until the very end.


Mangaka: Araki, Hirohiko

Publisher: Ultra Jump

Even if a cartoon fan has not seen or read Jojo, he is certainly aware of all the Jojo memes that are constantly floating around the internet. The setting for the manga is the Old West, which is a breath of fresh air in the world of manga where the stories take place in Japanese schools or in fantasy lands in some alternate dimensions. This manga focuses on Johnny Joestar winning a race and featuring his nemesis, Gyro Zeppeli.

As the name suggests, this is not the first manga in the Jojo series, but it is the most beloved, especially for its detailed art and vibrant humor.


Mangaka: Miura, Kentarou

Publisher: Young Animal

Berserks anime and manga franchises, with millions of copies sold, have seen their share of drama. However, we will only focus on the manga.

The protagonist of our seinen is Guts, an ideal young man who is betrayed by his sensei, someone he loved and respected. He is now thirsty for blood and things get more difficult for him due to the constant misfortunes that he continues to face. However, his monstrous strength and stamina is what keeps him afloat.

Action and / or sci-fi fans will love this one, but skipping the first few volumes can be a real headache as the art is outdated and the plot unfolds very slowly. But it is definitely worth the wait.

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