What happens in your intestines if you eat an avocado a day?

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Avocado, bacteria, intestines, disease, at first glance, the link is quite subtle. But in reality, it is a very important health formula.

Scientists have been able to measure the impact on the intestines of consuming an avocado every day, and the results may well change your diet.

Our intestines contain tons of bacteria

The intestines contain the greatest number of bacteria in our body. Indeed, there may be a few thousand. But do not panic, most are good for us and prevent the growth of germs and infections. Normally, people have four times more good bacteria than bad bacteria. And scientists have figured out how to make that number even bigger.

A secret ingredient

It turns out that lawyers are actually very powerful. A new study has found that eating this fruit every day has a positive effect on digestion. Not only does it increase the number of beneficial bacteria and improve your flora, it also reduces bile acid and increases fatty acids and acetate.

What it means for our health:

The results showed that eating an avocado per day increased the diversity of our intestinal flora. And that, in turn, increases immunity and helps us avoid serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It also helps prevent irritation and intestinal imbalances.

How much avocado is needed?

You do not have to eat a whole avocado every day. Women can eat 140 grams, men can eat a little more - 175 grams. Eat your avocado with one of your meals. Remember, avocados on their own wo not do wonders for your gut. It is necessary to make sure that your diet is balanced, and most importantly, to stay active.

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